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Mr. H. Ramahotar is the Chief Executive Officer of the Tobacco Board.

The company is highly structured into various functional departments and are detailed as follow:

1.  Administration


General Administration

        Mrs A. D. Mungroosing, Administrative Secretary, is responsible for the general office administration and human resource matters of the Tobacco Board.



         Mr. M. Perianen is the  Accountant and is responsible for all financial transactions of the Tobacco Board.


Support Services

        The support section is under the responsibility of the General Manager and comprises of the following officers:

    1. Computer Officer - S. Ramkalawon
    2. Safety & Health Officer - R. Bhorra


2. Inspectorate

        The Inspectorate department provides the vital link between growers, the Board, the research institution and the seed producer. It is under the responsibility of Mr. R. Jalloo, Senior Tobacco Officer.


3.  Warehouse

        Mr. Z. Mahomedkhan, Warehouse Supervisor, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the warehouse. He is supported by Mr. S. Dooboree, Assistant Warehouse Supervisor, who purchases the leaf tobacco from registered tobacco growers. 

        The Warehouse is  organised into specific departments. Each department has a foreman to ensure that the main activities are carried out correctly and according to standards. 


        This section is responsible for the receipt, purchase and bulking of leave tobacco.  



        Leaf tobacco not meeting the correct standards / specifications are re-graded here then sent to the Baling section for processing. 



        This section is under the responsibility of Mr. P. Ramma. The section receives leaf tobacco either from the Bulking (Receiving) or the Grading department.  The leaves are loaded on sticks and put in racks. Later on the loaded sticks are fed into the re-drying machines for drying and conditioning. 

        These are packed and prepared into bales. After weighing, these are transferred to the different stores

        It is worth noting that one of our re-drying plants commonly called Proctor dates back to 1932 and is still properly functioning. It is powered by a steam engine.


Store and Sales 

        This section is under the responsibility of Mr. B. Putty, Warehouse Assistant.  The latter ensures that proper bookkeeping is done for accountability purposes. The baled tobaccos are sold to BAT (M) PLC after inspection and weighing, in the presence of a Customs Officer. After sales the tobaccos are stored in the Tobacco Board's stores until delivery is made, prior to clearance being obtained from the Customs Department.



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