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The Tobacco Production and Marketing (Import Licence) Regulations 1998 stipulates that:


(1)       A manufacturer may apply to the Board for a licence to import leaf tobacco.

(2)   A person may apply to the Board for a licence to import manufactured tobacco and tobacco products.

(3)   The Board may, in writing - 

(a) reject; or 

(b) approve on such terms and conditions as it deems fit, an application under subsections (1) and (2).


In accordance with the Tobacco Production and Marketing (Import Licence) Regulations 1998 and as subsequently amended:

1.      An application for an import licence under section 29A of the Act shall be

bullet     in the form set out in the Schedule;
bullet     submitted in triplicate;
bullet     accompanied by a fee of 500 rupees
bullet     accompanied by a permit issued under the plants (Importation and Exportation) Regulations 1976, in case of the importation of leaf tobacco.


NOTE:   No licence shall be issued unless the applicant is of the age of 18 years or more


 2.    The fee payable for the issue of a licence shall be as detailed in Regulations 4 (table below) and effective as from 21st May 2012

Application forms may be collected at the Office of the Tobacco Board at Plaine Lauzun during office hours from Monday to Friday.


Regulation 4 - Fees for Licences

Application fee for import licence for importing leaf tobacco, manufactured tobacco or tobacco products, intended for  
   (a)    commercial purposes 1,000
   (b)    personal consumption




IMPORT LICENCE FEES                                   

Licence to import-

(a)  Cigarettes -


         (i)    Whether containing tobacco or not

Rs 20 per thousand sticks or part thereof 

      (ii)   For own consumption and not exceeding 2,000 sticks





Rs per Kg or part thereof 

(b)  Leaf Tobacco (including cut rags)   1
(c) Smoking tobacco  20
(d) Cigars 20
(e) Other Products 110